3 Tricks To Improve Your Airline Meal

3 Tricks To Improve Your Airline MealIn flight dining isn’t exactly a five-star experience. But airlines are o offering more healthy items than ever. Here’s what to look for – and how to make it more palatable.
Prescreen Your Options
Airline food isn’t likely to make you fat, because the average meal has just 400 calories, according to nutritionist Charles Platkin, Ph.D. But make sure those calories aren’t empty ones. When in doubt, pick the option that o offers the most protein and fibre.
Block the Noise
Scientists at Cornell found that people who taste flavours while listening to rumbling jet engines have a skewed sense of both sweetness and umami compared with those who eat in quiet environments. Vibrations may change the way you perceive taste. Wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones while you eat will maximise flavour.

Breathe to Taste
Exhaling slowly and steadily as you chew allows you to smell more of the flavors, according to Penn State researchers. This can make a bland meal taste a little bit better, because scent exposure contributes to your perception of flavour.

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